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Bespoke bags

Distance is not an issue.

In a world of mass produced machine made items, with so many similar things, we can create a unique bag, just yours, in a co-creation project.

You may tell a personal story, remember a special moment, your affective memories, transform the skirt of the first date into a bag to call your own. This custom-made bag in a co-creation ensures that you can choose a motif, a theme, design, color and material, to create a final product customized to your taste.

It is probably an opportunity to remember your favorite things, perhaps leaving your co-creation as an inheritance for your daughter, niece, sister, or someone you love.

OAZÔ wants to meet the creative needs of each one and offer an emotional meaning to what is produced. By telling the story behind a bag or inviting a customer to be part of the process, your creative needs, identity and participation can be satisfied.

Unique made-to-order bags, co-created for each client, combining elements and materials carefully selected and tailored finished to your liking.

Consultations through online service.

Let's schedule an interview to co-create a bag with your personality?  

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