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Slow fashion


OAZÔ is a Slow Fashion accessories brand that carries values that do not conform to trends and the current speed of Fashion.

Respecting a more natural pace of production, one seeks to develop products through a higher state of awareness of the design process.

Thus, greater and better interaction between the designer and the product is possible, as well as a closer relationship with the consumer.

In addition, there is the conviction that the aesthetics of Fashion and Life is an interesting form of communication and a need as fundamental as love, clean air, food and drink.



OAZÔ is a brand combining different concepts that converge to a greater environmental consciousness and fresh ways to interact with it.


Upcycling, a creative reuse, is a process of transforming discarded materials into something new, of greater value and better quality, and also environmental value by not creating more demand for new raw materials for its production.


The recovery of materials comes from the ability to look at things from other angles and to understand that no material is unworthy. The curiosity and desire for exploration and innovation bring the means to perceive their qualities and potentials making possible to re-signify any and all material.


Upcycling is an underlying approach: pleasure is in the activities of re-creating, reinventing, and in re-enchanting.


Handmade, exclusive & unique 

feito a mão

Making things by hand brings us closer to things and allows us to better understand what we touch and what we do.

The artisanal way of doing makes Upcycling feasible, since the industrial logic of scale production is broken. Each piece is individually designed and the restrictions and possibilities of each material are considered. Each accessory is a unique and exclusive design, one of a kind.

All the processes including the details such as cutting, sewing and decoration are carefully and individually crafted by hand by the designer and maker, bringing her signature on each piece of work.


OAZÔ offers elaborate design that is conscious of quality in every detail. One of a kind long lasting handmade goods.

New luxury

novo luxo

The new luxury comes to meet the real needs of a consumer who does not adapt to the actual (Fashion) system. This consumer is always looking for ways to remove herself from the outdated model of mass consumption, searching for ways to “game the system” and “one-up” it.


The purging of the superfluous and ostentation, the unpretentiousness by the status of old values and a revision of the signs of prestige describe the aspirational shift towards new luxury that is not limited to design or function, but encapsulates the entirety of the object-culture . It is expressed with simplicity, elegance, and sophistication.

Object in aesthetic might be embodied in the privileging of non-material resources (time, ingenuity, passion, ethics); an emphasis on down-to-earth craftsmanship; real exclusivity; or prioritizing subtlety over overtness.

The new luxury object, built to last, but also built to reflect the consumer, is something to affix her lifestyle and identity onto. A mindful consumer with solid principles, values and beliefs, including an emphasis on sustainability and low-impact manufacturing methods.


Objects for a better self - essentially a better future - are the new luxury.

Conscient consumption

consumo consciente

The brand embraces the idea of conscious consumption, addopting the motto “buy less, buy better”.

OAZÔ wants to be with you for a long time, and wants to bring not only aesthetical or functional values, but also affective ones since it does not want to be just a short and pleasant experience, but something you want to have by your side on the journey on life´s pathways.

The quality of the raw materials, the attention and care with details, the selection of trims and the timeless design credit the physical and aesthetic durability of the product,


 Indelible meanings of timeless luxury that you will want to pass on to future generations.

Purpose driven

orientada por proposito

OAZÔ believes in the power of Fashion. It is a sociological phenomenon that has a great influence on the behaviour of society.

With this power, OAZÔ believes that even a small hummingbird - un petit oiseau - committed to doing its part for a better world, can make a difference.


OAZÔ believes in the importance of transforming agents that consolidate new values ​​based on new practices of production and consumption in Conscious and Sustainable Fashion.

The maker & designer

a criadora & designer

Tatiana Messer Rybalowski is daughter of European immigrants who came to Brazil after World War II, enchanted by the Stefan Zweig´s book “Brazil, Land of the Future”. From early age, art was present, through music, ballet and singing. The Theatro Municipal, where her father worked as a maestro was a source of inspiration for the fantasies created in her mind. Along with the piano studies, drawing and painting also charmed her, and much of her transition from childhood to adolescence took place in long art classes at Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro.


Ease of dealing with spaces and the perspective of using creativity to make people feel better led her to study Architecture. Fashion came through drawing when, searching for new languages of expression, she became interested in Fashion Drawing which led her to study Fashion Design in a moment when the Fashion Studies were inaugurated in Brazil.


She worked as a fashion designer and, for a while, studied at the FIT, Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Back to Brazil, she worked with textile painting and consultancy for several brands. In parallel, she entered an academic career which in a short time, occupied most of her time. Due to her interest in Drawing and Education, she studied Psychopedagogy and later she complemented her skills and experience with a Master of Arts in Design at PUC-Rio where she was teaching as a professor of Design for ten years, focusing on Sustainable Design.

Meaning of the brand name

significado nome da marca

Pássaro, bird, pájaro, Vogel, птица, 鳥, oiseau, finally, him, in many languages.

Oiseau, the French word for bird, is a complicated word to spell, but I like the sound.

OAZÔ is the vocal representation, the phoneme (the spoken form): [wazo]. In Portuguese, OAZÔ.

So I appropriate the nice phoneme that translates its restless spirit, and make this sound the spelling of the brand that honors these beings that every day enchant me so much.

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